Rooibos Mint Choc

Tea Pyramids 15 pack



A sweet treat without the calories to carry you through the day, or perfect for an after-dinner treat.

I discovered this caffeine-free local tea whilst on safari with my mother and her friend Lori. The open plains, majestic wildlife and wonderful flora was an exhilarating experience for the senses.

To this bright South African Rooibos leaf, I added delicious sweet hints of organic peppermint, cocoa beans and a sprinkling of dark chocolate drops, the perfect partnership for an added sweetness to satisfy the tastebuds.

Let me share my secrets to the perfect cup of tea… Place a pyramid in your favourite cup. Pour in heated, not boiling water (approx 85o). Infuse for 5 minutes and inhale the aromas as you slow down and anticipate that first satisfying sip

Rooibos leaf, organic peppermint leaf, cocoa bean pieces, cocoa bean shells, natural chocolate flavour, European dark chocolate drops