Deeply Relaxing

Tea Pyramids 15 pack

Tisane (Herbal)


Deeply Relaxing is a delicious, gentle infusion for us all. I’ve selected herbs traditionally known for their relaxing, calming properties; passionflower, chamomile, lime flower and lavender; to create a blend to enjoy anytime you want to relax…deeply.

I love the amazing aromas and flavours of nature, creating teas and herbal blends for your (and my) sensory pleasure.

With these new Vitality teas, I explore how plants can help us, if just subtly, manage the stress of our daily lives. Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) … a flowering tree, native to Queensland rainforests, used traditionally in cooking and healing. Madame Flavour is co-funding research to better understand it’s health- giving properties.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), which we commonly know as the passionfruit plant, is used in traditional herbology for its mild sedative effect to help with mild stress

Let me share my secrets to the perfect cup of tea… Place a pyramid in your favourite cup. Pour in heated, not boiling water (approx 85°). Infuse for 2 minutes and inhale the aromas as you slow down and anticipate that first satisfying sip.

Chamomile flowers, spearmint, lime flowers, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lavender, licorice root, passionflower, blue cornflowers