Sofitel Signature Noir by Madame Flavour (black tea)



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My all-time favourite tea.

It’s my morning tea ritual each day ... I sit on the couch with a cup of tea, a home-made biscuit, and savour each sip ... and there’s usually a second cup!

Kylie Harris

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Available for a short time, exclusively to the Madame Flavour webshop and at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins…

Inspired by the beauty and romance of the city of light, this blend is perfectly Paris.

This exquisite tin contains 125gm of loose leaf tea.

Pure romance in a cup.  The blend has been created exclusively for Sofitel Melbourne on Collins by Madame Flavour.

Let me share my secret to the perfect cup of tea.  Add 1 teaspoon of tea per 200ml water into your favourite pot.  Add freshly heated water to 95c and infuse for 3 minutes.  Enjoy.

A single origin Keemun special grade leaf tea with a hint of smoke, classic vanilla, berries and an abundance of rose petals.

This exquisite tin contains 125gm of loose leaf tea.