Melbourne Morning Blend


I have my special “me” moment every day ...

... when I indulge in my favourite fragrant cup of Madame Flavour tea. I am in love with the delicious sensory experience of this special black tea with the hint of Vanilla. This takes me to my happy place everyday!

Linda Phillips

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Rich and fragrant, Melbourne Morning Blend offers you a beautiful tea experience in a fast-infusing teabag, full of the care & quality we are famous for. I’ve used finer cut tea from classic Ceylon estates with a pinch of delicious vanilla for a classic cup I hope you will love.

When a dear friend shared that the pace of life left too little time to stop for loose leaf tea, I decided to perfect a fast-infusing black tea, full of the care and quality we are famous for.

I started by sourcing finer cut tea – which infuses faster than large leaf – from classic Ceylon estates high in the mountains of Nuwara Eliya and next to the Singaraja rainforest.

The finishing touch, to honour our most liveable and dynamic city, was to add a hint of the most popular flavour; vanilla. Delicious and creamy vanilla enhances the tea aromatics; it’s the perfect partner to this classic morning blend.

Let me share my secrets to the perfect cup of tea… Place teabag in your favourite cup. Pour in fresh water heated to 95°. Infuse for 2 minutes and enjoy black or with a splash of milk.

Pure Ceylon tea from Kennilworth, Kiruwanganga and Ullswater estates, natural vanilla flavour, vanilla beans