Gourmet Traveller Tea by Madame Flavour Green Australian Lemon


Beautifully fragrant and tasted delicious

I consider myself a tea connoisseur; and can truly say your tea is among the finest. I fell in love with your tea! I tried the Green tea with Jasmine, English Breakfast, and Uplifting Green in the pyramid bags. They were beautifully fragrant and tasted delicious. I just wanted to say thank you - you have truly mastered your craft of tea alchemy. My wallet is also grateful.

Vicky Cornford

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Gourmet Traveller Teas have been developed with Australian tea connoisseurs Madame Flavour; specialists in classic leaf teas with Australian twists.

Single Origin Green, Australian Lemon is a smooth green leaf tea with anti-oxidant rich Australian lemon myrtle.

Leaf tea packaged in biodegradable pyramid infusers, convenient for everyday drinking and mindful of the environment.

Perfect to pair with the latest issue of Gourmet Traveller.

Single origin green tea, hand-picked from Jiang-Xi Province, China.  Australian Lemon & Aniseed Myrtles from Lismore NSW.

Bio-degradable Green PLA certified pyramids.

Packaging printed with care using vegetable inks.

Gently detach the tag and place pyramid in your favourite cup.  Pour in freshly heated water (85c), not boiling.  Infuse for 2-3 minutes.

Inhale the aromas as the leaves gently unfurl, and you anticipate that first satisfying sip.

Single estate leafy green tea, Australian lemon myrtle, lemongrass, Australian aniseed myrtle, calendula flower